Ordering a new key or an extra key

If you have lost one of the keys to your flat and there is no way that someone finding the key could identify which flat it is from there is no reason to have your locks changed.

To order a new key or additional keys, please contact Lifa on the following number: 75 83 18 18.

Note that in order to order a new key you will be required to provide your key number.

A new key costs approximately 250 DKK. You will be charged for your new key in the context of your next rental payment.

In the event that when you are unable, when you move out of your flat, to supply us with the same number of keys as were supplied to you, your locks will be changed at your expense.

What to do if you’ve locked yourself out

If you lock yourself out you must contact your local locksmiths on the following numbers:

  • Vejle - DK Låseteknik - tel. 77 33 93 39
  • Kolding - Kolding Låseservice - tel. 75 50 20 11
  • Esbjerg - Esbjerg Låse Teknik - tel. 75 12 36 66
  • Holstebro - LåseteknikMidt - tel. 97 40 53 53

At workdays from 7 - 15 o'clock Boligselskabet Lifa might come and open your door for you. You will be charged 460 DKK for this. You will be charged this sum in the context of your next rental payment.