Notice, refurbishment etc.

The following information is designed to provide you with guidance and information in the event that you decide to move:


You can cancel your tenancy agreement with 3 months’ notice from the first of the month.

Notice must always be provided in writing, and you can do so by letter or e-mail or by completing one of our forms. When we have received your notice we will provide you with a receipt.

Moving out

You are required to leave your flat fourteen days prior to the settlement date so that it can be refurbished. During this period you will be required to pay rent for the flat and will be billed for utilities.


  • You provide notice on 1st January
  • You will be required to move by 15th March at the latest
  • You will be required to make rental payments for the period up to and including 31st March (the settlement date)


It is important that you provide us with your telephone number so that we can contact you in connection with potential viewings. Legislation governing the Danish rental sector stipulates that tenants are obliged to provide their landlords with access to the property for viewing purposes during the settlement period.

You do not need to be present during a viewing as a Lifa representative will always accompany persons wishing to view your flat.


Your flat will undergo refurbishment before it is tenanted again.

Refurbishment is performed by Lifa and is financed by the tenant.

How much this refurbishment will cost is determined by an inspection.

This inspection can only take place when your flat has been fully emptied and cleaned (please remember that this stipulation also applies to storage rooms in the loft or cellar).

To make an inspection appointment contact your administrator (his or her telephone number is provided in the material we provide you with confirming our receipt of your notice). Alternatively, you can contact us in this regard on the following telephone number: 75 83 18 18.

You will be provided with an inspection report following the completion of the inspection with information detailing how much you will be required to pay. You will be provided with the original inspection report and Lifa will retain the copy.

If you wish to renovate your flat yourself you may do so on condition that work is performed to the appropriate standards and with materials of sufficient quality, and that this is agreed in advance with Lifa.

In the event that you choose to renovate your flat yourself, two inspections must be carried out both prior to and subsequent the renovation in question.

Your deposit

When moving in you will be required to pay a deposit totalling between one and three months’ rent. This deposit is intended to cover (partly or in whole) whatever expenses may arise during the renovation required when you move. See above.

Settlement date

You remain responsible for your flat and must pay rent during the three month notice period. You can only provide notice from the first day of the month.

If you leave the flat prior to the normal deadlines Lifa will try to secure a new tenant as quickly as possible. To help us to do this it is important that you provide us with timely information about the date on which you intend to move.

You will still be required to leave the flat 14 days prior to the commencement of a new tenancy such that the necessary refurbishment can take place.

As soon as a new tenant is in place you will, naturally, no longer have to pay rent.

If Lifa is unable to secure a new tenant prior to the settlement date you will be charged rent up to this time.

Your statement

You will receive a statement covering the cost of the refurbishment agreed during the inspection about 14 days after the settlement date.

Itemised bills


Immediately after the settlement date you will be billed for the electricity you have consumed.


Lifa will bill you or refund heating costs incurred from the flat you have vacated. Heating costs are only calculated once a year and your actual level of consumption may not match the payments you have made which are based on estimated consumption. Depending on where you live, you will be billed/refunded in March or August.